Grinweiv Internship Program is a 10 to 12 weeks program designed to identify and develop future success leaders in the financial services industry. With more than 19 years of industry experience and as one of the top agencies across various risks management segments, we are inviting young and aspiring individuals who seek to propel their monetary and skillset growth. Interns will be expected to work in teams to achieve desirable results set out in this program. Post-Program career opportunities will be made available for distinction interns.


Our team hails from different background, life and work experience. From analysts & consultants in large brokering companies, insurers, bankers to educators and engineers. The different roads each took brought about diverse skill sets, thought process, values and perspectives. This diverse melting pot of mixed ingredients creates the essence in how we work with our clients.

Grinweiv Internship Program seeks to deliver and equip successful applicants with

I. Fundamental understanding and knowledge of Corporate & Life Corporate businesses

II. On-the-Job experience with our veterans and mentors

III. Basic financial risk analysis skills

IV. CMFAS Industry recognized certifications


– Age 20 and above
– Team player with willingness to learn
– Undergraduate in a bachelor’s degree